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ClipRocket delivers full web building power into your hands

At ClipRocket, we have dreamed of a day when designers, freelancers, business people and regular folks could create their own web  business with the full power of the Internet but without the cost and delays of traditional programming.​

We have spent a lot of time discovering new ways to do this. We believe that day is here. We hope you find our approach useful and liberating.​

On the cutting edge

State of the Art Technology.  

ClipRocket has developed a platform that features compatibility for multiple business application providers, including WordPress.  Experience the power of proven web apps assembled with drag and drop simplicity.  Whether you are a solo startup, a freelance contractor, a corporate developer or an enterprise engineer, ClipRocket brings the power of Internet Business solutions within your reach, expanding your business capabilities and reducing your cost.

New Ideas

We Are Releasing New Functionality Constantly.

ClipRocket’s innovation is to enable the simplicity and power of drag and drop web site creation to work across multiple platforms.  This expansion of access to established Business solutions will increase web site capabilities while shortening site creation time and reducing costs.

Millions Of Websites

We Are Everywhere

The software that ClipRocket provides access to with simple drag and drop simplicity has been applied successfully across millions of web sites.  This maturity of business solutions reduces risk of failure and expands business offerings beyond what would be available using the limited DIY web site creation offerings available today.  Harness the full power of time-tested web applications without the uncertainties and costs of from-scratch development or the limitations of proprietary systems.

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